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Katie is one of the few marketing experts who ACTUALLY knows her stuff. She’s up-to-date on current and upcoming trends, social media algorithm changes, and efficient marketing techniques. I haven’t met too many people as competent and bright as her in this industry, and she sure gives full-blown marketing teams a run for their money! If you are SERIOUS about investing in your business or brand, you’ve found your jackpot.

- Jason Fisico Founder of Enrichment Buffet

Excellent experience! Kathleen and her agency provided a professional audit for our Instagram account helping us to identify key elements and strategy to get much better results.

- Matteo Villarosa of Mea Victoria

Goes above and beyond for my organization to provide much needed social media marketing for my start up. I have seen wonderful results in just a short period of time since she has been working with me.. If you need a professional marketing guru to help scale your business give Kathleen at SK Marketing Group a shot. 

-Adam Wagner Founder of Ignite Hospitality Services

 Kathleen, really worked and put effort into promoting my brand! I saw measurable results from working with her. I will be continuing to use her for my company. 

- Brandon Maddox - Musician

 I've been working with Katie over the past few months on my up-and-coming photography business. She's been nothing but the best! She's got a great attitude and professional, she's fantastic at what she does. She checks in weekly and cares about her clients! 

-Caitlin Manning Owner of Caitlin Manning Photography

Katie is a straight beast...always willing to help. Any advice she can give she’s happy to be right there to answer any questions of mine and she’s my go-to for any questions business related...definitely will be coming back that’s for sure.

Mike Morahan -Owner, Melton’s Jiu Jitsu/MMA 

Nice content, I am addicted to the strategies and response to queries is lovely! Thank you, SK Marketing Group.

- Snehal Chandak founder of U Stunner App